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Dragonball Z Movies

The Galaxy's in Danger! The Super Awesome Guy!

The Money Family is hosting a Tenkai-ichi Budoukai as a birthday present for 10-year old Dollar Money. Dollar is hoping for aliens to come from space and join in the tournament, so four of Mr. Satan's pro-wrestling students are in costume as the "aliens" in the final rounds of the competition. Kaiou-sama and Gokuu are on Kaiou planet (Kaiou is watching the game on TV, Gokuu is playing Go Fish against Bubbles the ape -- the deck has Uranai Baba and Pilaf's crew on the face cards. )

The elimination rounds are basically 8 batches of free-for-alls; the last person standing in each free-for-all goes on to a one-on-one round. The Final Four each get shot into one of four "Battle Stages" to face Satan's "aliens." The first person to emerge from the Battle Stage wins the 100,000,000 zenni prize money, a trip to a hot spa, and a chance to fight Satan. Kuririn, Future Trunks, teenaged Gohan, and Dosukoi make it to the Battle Zones, where real aliens (Satan's students have already been killed) attack them.

Kaiou-sama realizes that the aliens are Boujack's team. A LONG time ago, the four Kaiou's had battled Boujack, and imprisoned him far, far away. Boujack has escaped, and come to Earth to destroy it and kill Gohan as revenge on Kaiou-sama, knowing that Gokuu is Kaiou's student, Gohan is Gokuu's kid, and Earth is Gokuu's planet. There is a lot of fighting as all of the Z Fighters show up to attack Boujack's 5-man team. Eventually, the heroes are trashed, and Boujack is about to crush Gohan's throat. Gokuu can't take it any more, and the dead hero teleports in from heaven just long enough to kick Boujack in the face and save Gohan. With renewed anger, Gohan goes to Super Saiya-jin 2 (SSJ-2), and kills Boujack's remaining minions before killing Boujack. Satan had been trying to escape since seeing that the Z Fighters had entered the tournament, but was pushed into a sled and sent to the Battle Zone, where he succeeded in destroying the camera televising the fight with Boujack.

At the end of the movie, Satan is again declared savior of Earth, and no one wins the prize money (Gohan, Trunks and Kuririn are recovering in a hospital for some reason, while Piccolo and Vejiita are already fullyhealed.

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