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Dragonball Z Movies

Super Saiya-jin Goku

Young Gohan and the Haiyaa Dragon visit Piccolo to show the demon the new dance that Gohan taught the dragon. But, Piccolo, in pain, yells for Gohan to stop. A planetoid headed towards Earth causes a panic, and Kuririn and Gokuu go out to try to deflect the thing with their energy blasts. It still crashes into Earth, but it turns out to be a spaceship that needs to land for refueling.

The ship is commanded by the imperious Emperor of the Universe -- Slag, who demands that they leave in 3 days. A weather satellite is launched to cause a cloud to cover the planet, and freeze it over. Earth is now more hospitable for the soldiers living in the ship, and they step outside to terrorize the Earthlings. Slag recognizes the Dragon Ball that is sewn into Gohan's cap, and he reads Buruma's mind to learn about the Dragon Radar. The Dragon Balls are rounded up, and Slag wishes for his youth back.

Gokuu and Kuririn receive Senzu seeds from Yajirobee, and they go to fight Slag. Piccolo shows up to save Gohan. Slag reveals himself to be a Super Namek-jin. Gokuu wastes Slag's minions , and even turns into a Super Saiya-jin for a while. He is trashed by Slag when the Super Namek-jin turns into a giant.

Piccolo tears off his own ears, then yells for Gohan to whistle again; we now learn that Namek-jin are hurt greatly when Earthlings whistle. Slag drops to his knees, and Piccolo imparts his energy to Gokuu. The Gokuu/Piccolo fusion beats up Slag, then Gokuu flies above the black cloud to get enough energy to create a Genki Dama that kills Slag. (Slag accidently trashed his own spaceship, so there's no bad guys left now.) The cloud dissipates, and Yajirobee reappears to give Senzu seeds to the heroes. Piccolo's ears grow back. Finally, Kamesennin, who'd been sleeping through all this, wakes up from his dreams of naked women, and exercises while saying that the weather is very nice today.

By Deadly Sinner (from the message boards)

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