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Dragonball Z Movies

Dangerous Partners! Super-Warriors Never Rest

Goten, Trunks and Beederu are out gathering up the Dragon Balls (just for the heck of it. When asked, Trunks decides that he wants to ride cool things to have adventures (pirate ship, train), while Goten wants to eat delicious cake whenever he wants) and succeed in grabbing the 5th one. When they zip off to find the sixth one, they come upon a village terrorized by a monster dragon. The last girl in the village is about to be sacrificed to appease the monster, when Beederu volunteers to take her place. Goten, Trunks, and Beederu hide next to the supper set out for the monster, surprises it, and kills it (after much screwing around.) In return, Trunks receives the Dragon Ball attached to the village Shaman's necklace. Meanwhile, a Saiya-jin space capsule crashes to Earth nearby, and the sleeping Saiya-jin inside is aroused by vibrations caused by Goten when the boy wanted to eat the banquet set out for the monster. The Saiya-jin turns out to be Burolii. When Burolii stretches his muscles the next day, Beederu senses it, and goes to investigate. As do Goten and Trunks. Burolii thinks that Goten is Kakarot, and there is much fighting. The final Dragon Ball is located during the battle, but Goten doesn't know how to summon Shenlon, so Trunks gets trashed while trying to distract Burolii (Trunks also has to take a piss after hiding next to a bunch of waterfalls, and relieves himself on top of Burolii's head). Gohan senses Burolii's ki, and arrives to join in the battle. Gohan's blast causes lava to boil up, and Burolii is trapped in the magma. Gohan passes out as the magma inches near him. (Kuririn is dressed up like Piccolo as a joke when he saves Gohan.) But Burolii is a Super Saiya-jin, and the magma doesn't phase him. Gohan and Goten use Kamahame-ha on Burolii. (And, probably because of the Dragon Balls nearby, Gokuu is allowed to show up to perform Kamehame-ha as part of the trio.) Trunks manages to throw an energy ball that distracts Burolii, and the triple Kamehama-ha blows Burolii into space, and into the sun. Beederu recovers, and thinks that Gohan was masquerading as Burolii, and attacks him. Goten and Trunks go back to the village to get food, and Kuririn wonders why everyone has forgotten about him.

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