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Dragonball Z Movies

The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegita!

We are back in heaven, during the Budoukai held by Dai-Kaiou to determine who the greatest dead heroic fighter is. The four Kaiou's quarrel over who has the best student, and the final round is about to start, between West Kaiou's Son Gokuu, and South Kaiou's Paikuu-han. Both fighters want to win cleanly, and they begin sparring. Meanwhile, Enma Daioh (Heaven's Gatekeeper) is being harsher than normal, sending many, many souls to hell for one reason or another (the ones going to heaven get to ride Ten Airlines, while the ones going to Hell get to pass through a "Spritz Cleaner" machine that removes all the evil from them. Once cleansed, the evil souls have their memories removed, and are reincarnated to try again.)

Psych Oni, the demon tending the Spritz Cleaner, is too busy dancing to his walkman tape to notice that the Cleaner is running in the red. The Cleaner regulator explodes, and all of the concentrated evil escapes. Psych Oni tries to contain the mess before tearfully reporting to Enma Daioh. At this point, the concentrated evil covering Psych takes effect, turning the boy into a giant yellow squeeze toy named Janenba. Janenba immediately encases Enma's Gate House in a magic crystal, and it then amuses itself by twisting the fabric of space for a while. With Enma trapped, the dead residing in Hell can escape and roam around on Earth. Gohan and Beederu set out to combat the dead, while Goten and Trunks search for the Dragon Balls to set everything right again. Gohan gets to confront Freeza again, and very quickly destroys the monster.

All of the other supporting villians from the previous DBZ movies also surface, only to be dispatched by the Great Saiya-man team. Shenlon is summoned, but the Dragon God has to admit that it has no jurisdiction over the dead, and it can't fix the problem involving Enma. So, Goten and Trunks spend the movie fighting the endless masses of Hitler's zombie armies. (Satan is also dispatching zombies easily, but he's upset that there's no TV crew around to broadcast his exploits; he plans on calling in a report to the TV station later.)

Dai Kaiou suspends the Budoukai to let Paikuu-han and Gokuu run off to Enma's Gate House to resolve the problem. At first, they try to play with Janenba, until Gokuu starts getting mad. Unfortunately, Janenba can do transdimensional tricks, and it punches one way, only to have his fist appear elsewhere to blindside Gokuu. Paikuu-han is told by Dai-Kaiou to try to free Enma (eventually, Paikuu realizes that by swearing and insulting people, he can make the magic crystal crack and flake off.) Janenba can also make copies of itself, as well as warping Gokuu so that the hero will appear in front of his own Kamehame-ha. Gokuu switches up to SSJ-3 and pummels Janenba. The creature melts, only to turn into the next-stage version -- Changed Janenba. Janenba now uses a series of warp tricks ala "Total Recall", and trashes theSSJ-3 Gokuu. Gokuu escapes deeper into Hell, first hiding in the Pool of Blood; then he gets rescued by the dead Vejiita.

(Vejiita reminds Gokuu that only Vejiita has the right to destroy Gokuu.) Vejiita attacks Janenba, and also gets trashed. Vejiita's body flies towards the Mountain of Needles, and is caught by Gokuu. Gokuu tries to get Vejiita to do Fusion with him, but the Saiya-jin Prince would rather die first (Gokuu points out that Vejiita IS dead.) Vejiita's pride is tearing him up, and Janenba attacks the mountain, causing Gokuu to grab Vejiita's shoulder and teleporting them both to a safe zone. Vejiita relents, and Gokuu shows him the Fusion pose. Vejiita is appalled at the idea of having to do something so stupid.

But, there is no time left, so the two of them perform Fusion. Vejiita forgets to extend his right forefinger, and the resulting Fat Gojiita attracts Janenba's attention. The ensuing battle is plain slapstick (Gojiita's only successful attack is a series of foul-smelling farts.) At the last moment, just as Janenba is going to destroy Gojiita, the Fusion wears off (it took 30 minutes) and the two Saiya-jin run away again. Kaiou (West Kaiou was receiving a lot of abuse from his siblings for having such a useless student) telepaths out that Vejiita botched the pose. So, they try again. And are interrupted by Janenba.

Paikuu-han succeeds in breaking the magic crystal, and he runs to confront Janenba to give Gokuu and Vejiita more time. Janenba apparently kills the dead Paikuu-han just as the Fusion takes hold. True Gojiita looks a lot like Super Saiya-jin Gokuu, with a Persian-style vest and baggy pants. On Earth, Goten and Trunks sense the energy levels of their fathers, and the two boys also do Fusion to become Gotenks (Gotenks uses Kamikaze Ghost Attack to create 100 exploding ghosts to destroy Hitler's armies.) Gojiita punches Janenba up a bit before hitting the monster with a special energy ball. The ball blows up in the monster's chest, and all of the evil within it dissipates. Psych returns to normal, takes one look at Gojiita, and runs away screaming. Enma is back in charge, and the dead all return to Hell (including Vejiita. Vejiita says that he never wants to Fuse again.) Goten and Trunks promise each other to not tell Goten and Beederu who it was that saved them all; Gohan and Beederu chase the boys to get answers from them. In the last panel, Shenlon asks if this means that no one is going to ask him for a wish.

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