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Dragonball Z Movies

Dragon Fist Explosion!! If Goku Can't, Who Can?

A long time ago, a group of evil magicians brought a huge, skull-faced demon -- Hirudegarn -- to life to terrorize their planet. The demon could only be controlled by two gourd whistles and a legendary sword. Tapeon and his little brother, Minosha, had used the gourd whistles to play a song that calmed Hirudegarn long enough for the demon to be cut in two, and trapped within the bodies of the two brothers. Tapeon was sealed in a music box and shot out into space.... It's a busy day in Satan City for the crimefighting team Great Saiya-man (Gohan is Saiya-man 1, and Beederu is Saiya-man 2) when they get a call that a crazy old man is trying to commit suicide by jumping from a tower. The old man, Hoi, is rescued, and he shows Gohan a box that can't be opened. The boy tries to turn the crank, but can't. The box is given to Beederu, but her science toys can't see inside it. So, the Z Fighters round up the Dragon Balls and ask Shenlon to make the box open. This happens, and Tapeon steps out. Minosha, who used to look just like young Trunks, was killed long ago, and his half of the demon starts stalking Satan city and trashes it. Tapeon escapes to a deserted factory plant, and is followed by Trunks (Trunks keeps bringing food to Tapeon, but Tapeon keeps chasing him away.)

When Tapeon falls asleep, his half of the demon tries to escape from his body, but is then recaptured when Tapeon wakes up again. Eventually, Tapeon is befriended, and he explains everything to Buruma. Buruma tries to make a demon-capturing bedroom, but Hoi is using his own magic to awaken Hirudedarn. Tapeon's half of the demon escapes Buruma's trap and becomes whole again. The Z Fighters help trash the city in their attempt to defeat the demon, and Goten and Trunks use Fusion to become Gotenks (but, Gotenks' energy attacks cause the demon to go into a cocoon phase before emerging as a giant WINGED demon.)

The Z Fighters get mulched, Tapeon tries to use his whistle, but it shatters. Trunks tries to use Tapeon's sword on the demon, but Gokuu switches to Super Saiya-jin 3, and announces that Hirudegarn is HIS to defeat. Gokuu pulls out a Super Punch (Ryuuken) and destroys the demon. Afterwards, Buruma makes a time machine to return Tapeon to the time when the boy had been shot into space, and Tapeon gives the sword to Trunks (thereby explaining how future Trunks came by the sword that had been used to carve up Freeza and Freeza's Father in the manga.)

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