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Dragonball Z Movies

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Dragonball Z Movies

Burnout!! Fierce Fight, Violent Fight, Super-Exciting Fight

Gokuu and Chi Chi go to interview for a school that Chi Chi wants Gohan to attend, while everyone else is busy partying at a cherry blossom-viewing drinkfest. The party is disrupted when a ship lands. Paragasu steps out to invite Vejiita to travel with him to the planet New Vejiita, to fight the Legendary Super Saiya-jin. A drunk Kamesennin, Kuririn, Trunks, and Gohan fly off as well. Meanwhile, Kaiou-sama telepaths to Gokuu to alert the hero of the danger. Gokuu teleports out of the interview, leaving Chi Chi in the lurch. Paragasu introduces Vejiita to Paragasu's wimpy son, Burolii, and waffles over actually disclosing where the Legendary Super Saiya-jin is. Gokuu teleports in, and Burolii goes berzerk. After a lot of screwing around, we find out that Burolii and Gokuu had been born on the same day. King Vejiita had ordered Burolii (baby Burolii had already been determined to be a threat to the Saiya-jin) and Paragasu to be killed and dumped in the trash. But, baby Burolii's power saved them. Burolii grew up to be a maniacal killer, and had poked out one of Paragasu's eyes. Right after that, Paragasu had a headband created that effectively lobotomized Burolii. Burolii overcomes Paragasu's control and turns into a Super Saiya-jin; he trashes everyone. Vejiita loses his nerve at seeing the Legendary Super Saiya-jin, and can't fight anymore. Paragasu knows that the planet New Vejiita will explode soon, so he wants to fly away, killing two birds with one stone: revenge on the Vejiita family, and disposing of his troublesome child. But, Burolii crushes the space capsule, killing his father. Then, Gokuu summons the energy from his friends, including Vejiita, to become a Super Saiya-jin himself, and killing Burolii. Before the planet explodes, Gokuu teleports everyone to Piccolo's ship and they return to Earth.

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