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Dragonball Z Movies

Clash!! 10,000,000,000 Power Warriors

A giant metal planet lands on the new Namek planet, and begins eating it. The Namek elders call to Dende for help, and Dende relays the call. This is why Gokuu, Gohan, Kuririn, Kamesennin, Oolong, Yajirobee and Piccolo get into a spaceship and fly off.

(Vejita is in his own space capsule, and he arrives to ensure that Gokuu lives long enough for Vejita to kill him for himself.) Turns out that Cooler has pulled a V'ger trick, and has become part of the ship that is eating the Namek planet. Cooler's robots are sent out to round up all of the Namek-jin. Gokuu's ship arrives in time for the Z Fighters to also be picked up to be used to power the ship. Gokuu and Vejita fight Cooler, and get trashed.

They are wired into the ship to provide power for Big Geta Star. Gokuu and Vejita push the limits of their Super Saiya-jin power, and cause Big Geta Star to overheat. Finally, Gokuu blows the real Cooler away, and Big Geta Star explodes. (First time that Vejita shows up in the movies.)

By Deadly Sinner (from the message boards)

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