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Dragonball Z Movies

The World's Strongest Man

Oolong steals Bulma's Dragon Radar, and discovers that someone is gathering up the Dragon Balls. He and Gohan go into the northern glaciers in time to see Dr. Kouchin summoning Shenlon and wishing for Dr. Wheel's lab to be released from the ice. Piccolo arrives to save Gohan from Kouchin's bio-men, but the demon is overcome by Wheel's 3 androids (Gohan and Oolong escape). Later, Kouchin goes to Kame House, and kidnaps Buruma in order to force Kamesennin to go with him to the lab. Kamesennin is told to fight the three androids, and does well for a while, before being defeated by rubbery Minkattsun. Bulma learns that Kouchin and Wheel plan on turning the Earth into a desert and populating it with androids. Dr. Wheel's brain is encased inside a robot, and he wants the body of the world's strongest man to house his brain.

But, while Kamesennin was the winner of the Tenkai-ichi Budoukai 50 years ago, (when Wheel's lab was iced over) the strongest man is now Gokuu. Gokuu learns what happened to Kamesennin, and goes to the lab, where he destroys all three androids. Gohan and Kuririn also arrive.

They soon battle the brain-controlled Piccolo until Gohan's shout of frustration causes the mind-control bands to shatter. Dr. Wheel decides to fight Gokuu, and as he pulls his robot body free of the wall, the resulting destruction hurls Kouchin down an energy shaft, and Kouchin's outer coating melts before his own robot body is destroyed. Wheel fights the heroes, and looks like he'll win, when Gokuu creates a Genki Dama and throws it at Wheel. Wheel flies up into space to get a breather, and he is destroyed up there. Afterwards, Kamesennin says that Wheel got one thing right -- Kamesennin is the world's #1 strong guy. Buluma corrects that to "the world's #1 dirty old man."

By Deadly Sinner (from the message boards)

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