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Dragonball Z Vegeta Bio

One of the survivors of the destruction of Planet Vegeta (he was out on assignment), Vegeta is basically the Prince of all Saiyans since he is of "royal" bloodline. After the destruction of his planet, Vegeta becomes a henchmen of Frieza along with both Nappa and Radditz: two other surviving Saiyans. Vegeta does nothing but do what Frieza tells him to do until the day that he is able to defeat Frieza. After the loss to Goku during the Saiyan Saga, Vegeta wants nothing but a rematch with Goku This why he actually helps Goku on many occasions: so he always has someone to compete against. Vegeta hungers for nothing but supreme power, except at the end of Dragonball Z when he becomes "truly" good.

written by michael

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