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Dragonball Z Gohan Bio

Named after his adoptive grandfather, Gohan is Goku and Chi Chi's young son. Spiritually, Gohan is good and pure in heart like his parents. Physically, he resembles his father when Goku was a young boy the same age, right down to the tail and the ability to become an uncontrollable raging monkey-like creature when he looks at a full moon.

Gohan is gifted with amazing power and strength that he still has to discover within himself. As Gohan begins the journey through Dragon Ball Z and encounters the powerful Saiyan warriors that threaten his family, friends and his home planet, it is then that he changes from an easily frightened child into a determined young boy intent on discovering his unique and powerful gift.

He experiences many failures in the process of learning how to control and perfect his awesome powers, but with the help of his dedicated trainer Piccolo, he endures in preparation for the arrival of the evil Saiyan warriors

written by deadly sinner

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