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Dragonball Z Frieza Bio

Frieza is the youngest son of King Cold. Frieza is a ruthless individual, and kills for enjoyment. His power was the highest of the universe, during the day. Frieza quickly found that the race of people known as Saiya-jin were very beneficial to his operation. Frieza would have the Saiya-jins, as well as other races destroy all life on a planet, the they would sell the planet to buyers. The Saiya-jins were forced to do everything Frieza asked, if not, he'd kill them. He even had the Prince of the Saiya-jins, Vegeta, under control. If the Prince didn't do what he said, he would kill the king of the Saiya-jins, King Vegeta.

The Saiya-jins lived like this for a long time. The Saiya-jins were tired of this lifestyle and wanted to get out of it. So one day they revolted. One of the first people you see to attack Frieza is King Vegeta. King Vegeta and some other Saiya-jin attacked Frieza. Frieza easily kills all of them and the King dies too. Freiza does the attack that destroys Planet Vegeta. After a long time, Frieza heard of the Namek dragonballs. He decided to go to Namek, so he could wish for immortality. Frieza and some of his helpers get 5 dragonballs from all of the towns on Namek. Frieza finds out that Krillin and Gohan are watching him, so he sends his fat, pink, warrior, Dodoria, to kill them.

But in the end he dies. Frieza finds out Vegeta is on the planet, and he sends Zarbon. Zarbon transforms and beats Vegeta. Frieza wants Vegeta alive so Zarbon brings him to an isolation chamber to heal. He is healed and escapes.

Frieza gets frustrated and sends Zarbon to kill Vegeta, because Vegeta took all of his 5 dragonballs. This time Zarbon dies, and Frieza tells the Ginyu Force, a very strong force of stupid, but strong, warriors to get Vegeta and all of the dragonballs he has. The Ginyu Force finds Vegeta and all of the dragonballs, plus Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan.

Later on Goku comes and defeats the Ginyu Force. Frieza has all 7 dragonballs, but can't figure out the password. He goes to Guru to find out the password. Frieza ends up fighting Nail for the password. He easily defeats Nail and leaves him for dead. Frieza asks for the password, and Nail tells him that he was a distraction to give the earth people enough time to make their wishes. Frieza leaves in a rage. He gets to the dragonballs, but it's too late, the wishes were made. Frieza then starts a fight, involving several episodes against Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan, and Dende. Frieza changes to his second form during this little battles. Later on Piccolo joins the battle, and Frieza transforms to his third form.

He battles and transforms again to his fourth and last form. Then he kills Dende and Vegeta. Enter Goku. Goku and Frieza battle for a time. Then Goku gets mad and does a spirit bomb to Frieza. Everyone thinks Freiza is dead, but then he comes back. He tries to kill Piccolo but fails, leaving him seriously wounded. Frieza takes his wraith out on Krillin, leaving Krillin dead.

Goku gets mad and turns Super Saiya-jin. Frieza struggles to kill Goku, but can't. He blows up Namek in a last ditch effort to win. Goku wins the fight and escapes Namek, right before it explodes. Later on King Cold finds Frieza in space and, "rebuilds"him, using metal parts for the missing body pieces. Frieza is more powerful and goes to Earth with King Cold. Frieza plans on killing Goku. He meets up with the boy from the future, Trunks, and gets sliced into pieces, which, kills him.

written by deadly sinner

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