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The first child of Vegeta and Bulma. During the Dragonball Z series two Trunks are introduced to the viewers. Mirai Trunks is from a futue 14 years in advance where androids are ruining the world.

He comes to the time of the Z Warriors near the end of the Frieza Saga to warn them to start training for the attack, which will happen in 3 years. Fearing his own death will not happen since coming in contact with the Z Warriors, he tells no one of his heritage except for Goku, but Piccolo overhears everything as well.

After the Cell Games, Mirai returns to his time to defeat the Cell in the future.

The second Trunks is Chibi Trunks. He is a very good friend of Goten, which seems to get the im trouble most of the time. Chibi Trunks also exhibits tremendous power by turning super saiyan at a young age (a little after Goten reaches super saiyan).

written by michael

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