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Dragonball Z Goku Bio

The main character of all things Dragonball. Goku is one of the remaining Saiyans in the world who's real name is Kakarot (the remaining Saiyans all call him that). He was sent to Earth when he was a baby to prepare the auctioning of it, but Goku falls into a ravine, loses all of his memory and forgets his mission. Goku is then raised by an elderly old man named Gohan who teaches him the basics of karate. Gohan is eventually killed by Goku(complete accident).

All Goku remembers is his grandfather telling Goku to never look at the moon again.

Goku eventaully meets Bulma, a girl searching for the mystical dragonballs. Goku has a dragonball, but refuses to give it to her. However, he eventually joins Bulma in the search, which leads to the whole story of all things Dragonball.

Goku is not very bright, but when it comes to fighting he is a genius. Goku is trained by Master Roshi for a time, and then King Kai after the Saiyan Saga This gives Goku the most techniques of any of the Z warriors. Goku marries Chi-Chi at the end of Dragonball (the daughter of Ox-King), and they have two sons: Gohan and Goten.

written by Michael

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