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Dragonball Z Krillin Bio

Krillin is an Earthling, who as a young boy studied martial arts under Master Roshi with Goku. Once a fierce rival of Goku, the two are now the best of friends. Realizing how strong Goku is, Krillin has much respect for his friend. Short and bald, Krillin is often comical in his attempts to keep up with Goku and some of the more powerful champions of good.

Krillin is however also a powerful warrior himself; courageous and capable of competing with the strongest around. In fact, Krillin has saved Goku's life a number of times due to his great skill and power. Krillin has a well trained ability to master a strong energy force capable of slicing through hilltops.

Krillin is incredibly dedicated to the power of friendship and would do anything for Goku.

written by deadly sinner

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