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What does the Z in DragonBall Z stand for?

The "Z" in Dragonball Z is just used to differentiate between the Dragonball and the Dragonball Z Series. It does not have any meaning beyond that it is the last letter of the english alphabet and the beginning of the last letter in the Japanese alphabet. Akira just wanted to
1) show a difference between this series and Dragonball, and
2) provide a sense of closure - being that he meant for Dragonball Z to be the last of the series.

What does the GT in DragonBall GT stand for?

GT stands for Grand Tour.

What is DragonBall AF?

DragonBall AF is a fan-made manga.

Does Goku go SSJ5?

No, Goku does not go SSJ5 because there is no such SSJ form.

What is the series about?

Long, Long story - look at the summary section on this site...

Where can I watch it?

On Cartoon Network: Times listed on the front page.

Written by Hydro and Pepper

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