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        It starts after the tournament with goku JR. and Vegeta Jr. with the winner being goku Jr.... Master I have found it I have found the 5th star dimension x ball. Good lets make this wish and go and find the one they call.... Goku! The Sky gets lighter since everything in this dimension is almost opposite. Out comes a blue shenlong. What is your wish? Take us to the Z dimension (hence the name DragonBall Z) The dragon grants there wish and they are transported to our dimension. They have 2 wishes left so they tell the dragon they'll summon him later and burry the balls. They go looking for goku who is of course dead (fused wit dragon)! Oh yeah these ball were the negative set of ball created when kami made the balls. They were sent to dimension X. while walking ere goku Jr. sinces the 4 star Ball and digs it up and takes it. Pan sees this on her DragonRadar but she thinks its useless cause she knows there's no balls. What do you thin so far it’s got a little more editing and work to do!

        Pans DragonRadar won’t stop bleeping so she throws it against the wall. Meanwhile Goku Jr. is flying towards Vegeta Jr.s, to ask if he knows what it is! He has no clue so they decide to visit Pan. In through the door come Vegeta and Goku Jr. with the DragonBall. Pan exclaims where did you get that? Vegeta coming from the bloodline has from obviously takes credit for finding it. They fly to the place where the ball are hidden, and dig the rest of them up. Pan wonders if she can still remember how to summon the dragon! The master (later to be revealed) sees the sky color suddenly shift colors and get more saturated. He instantly realizes someone has found the Balls! He and two henchmen rush back to stop whoever from making a wish! Pan remembers the namekian that denda had taught her but this dragon had spoke perfect English so she reverted back to English! She wished back Gohan because he was her father. Then at that very moment the Master and His goons land. The master sees goku Jr. and mistakes him for the real goku and chases after him."Your who I'm looking for this will be the greatest battle in z or x dimension history! I am here to fight you goku. He stops "you must be taking about my great great great grandfather"?"Who do you think your fooling with i know who you are"! Gohan show of how much his power has increased from afterlife training by blasting both goons with one Ki attack and killing both. Vegeta Jr. being faster then Goku Jr. saves him from a ki blast by the master. Gohan quickly yells at Pan and tells her to wish for the original set of dragonballs to be restored. The dragon starts to restore the balls while Gohan goes 1 on 1 with the master. In the middle of the sixth ball being restored one of the master’s Ki blast hit the X star dragonballs and destroyed the 7 star ball. So there were to sets of Dragonballs with only 6 balls! ”Pan double choukamehameha now!” Sure dad! The blast comes spiraling toward the evil master, putting a whole in his left chest! “Darn you, you fools! I will be back with the power of minions and more.

        “Dad you’re back”! Goku Jr. stairs with the look of goten’s cluelessness? Go..., Go... Gohan? Aren't you my great-grandfather? Wow! Hey Gohan, that move you and grandma used! It was way cool. Sure all in time goku, but first we have to find those Dragonballs! “Geru would you come here please” shouts Pan! Yes master? “How fast do you think you could track down 12 dragonballs?” “12? Not 7?”Just do it, how long? 1 day and a half. OK go search for them. Hey pan do you think you could teach Goku Jr.
The kamehameha while I go in search of “the lookout” to see if dende is there! Bye dad!
O.K. goku are you ready to learn your great, great, and grandfather’s best technique! Sure why not. Do not speak such arrogance of your ancestors! Your great, great, grandfather and his friends saved the world countless times using this technique! It took me a total of ten days to learn it so it should take you a day or two, and trust me well need it to defeat this guy were up against. I can sense his power growing drastically! Meanwhile Gohan was already at the lookout. Hey dende you here? Hey Gohan! Dende? Oh my goodness you look like kami! Yeah make me look wise if you ask me. Well I’m here to ask you a question? What do you know about the dimension X dragonballs? All i know is that they are the negative set merged with the blackstar dragonballs. They aren't as powerful thought since you guys defeated the dragons. Speaking of dragons have you seen goku? No hopefully my father will se what's going on and try and help us but his guy seems like a villain eviler than any villain we've faced before! After Pan and my’s kamehamehas hit him he ran but he regenerated faster than buu, cell, and bebi combined! Wow that's fast? So what about goku and vegeta jr.? Have hey even learned the fusion technique yet? No I think that pan hasn't taught it yet. No vegeta Jr has been training in that old gravity room vegeta trained in. He learned the final flash like it was instinctively. Goku's learning the kamehameha. Well thanks Dende ill see you later hopefully! O.K. Gohan bring the kids with you next time... O.K. no prob. I wonder how many DB’s Geru has maybe i can help. Hey Gohan! Catch! Hey a DragonBall? Yeah after goku merged with the dragon i tried o creates another set and this was the only thing that was produced. Kamehameha? BOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! Wow i shot something out of my hand? Yeah Goku but I’m going to teach you how to make it bigger! Hey dad you’re back! Yeah and look what I got! The seven star ball? Wasn’t that destroyed? No Dende made this a few years back! We can try it with a combo of 6 others to see if it summons the dragon! Yeah it would be great to see goten and trunks and all the others! Hey since this is a totally different dragon maybe we can wish them all back at the same time numerous times! It’s worth a try.

                NUUUUAAACCCCCCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!!NNUUUUUUUACCCCCHHHHHH!!!!! Hey is it just me or is Goku Jr.s snoring kind of loud? Yeah i couldn't get any sleep either! Maybe we should catch up on old times! Then dende communicates telepathically! Gohan, Pan listen the guy your fighting he's attacking the western capitol! Let’s go, but don't wake goku Jr.! He's useless until he fully learns the kamehameha. Ok lets go! Pan i think you should stay here too WHAT? In your old age only few Ki blast would kill you. I don't care he's destroying the city and killing innocents. He destroyed Grandpa goku’s and Grandpa Satan’s statue at the world tournament! I want revenge. O.K. you can come. Gohan knocks out pan and lays her next to goku Jr.(sound familiar?)I'm doing this for your own good Pan!

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