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Dreams Cannot Hurt You
Chapter 1: Terms

Trunks stared at what lay below. His girlfriend, Bri, daughter of Goku and Chi~chi, lay still in a deep crater. Her long, shiny hair flowed about her with the wind. Her purple eyes were clouded over in death. Her tail, which was still wrapped around her waist, was crimson with blood that had stopped flowing from a wound in the right shoulder.
        All that Trunks could think about was that he killed her. His dad, Prince Vegeta, encouraged the cold-blooded killing. Trunks didn’t know what came over him. It felt as if he was being controlled when he slaughtered her. Vegeta was praising his crestfallen son, laughing and jeering at the poor girl.
        “How could…how could…I do such a terrible thing?” Trunks whispered in heart~filled pain.
        “Good job, son. You’ll make a great saiyan some day.” Vegeta smirked. “Now that she’s gone, that’s 1 less spawn of Kakarott’s to deal with.”
        “No…”Trunks moaned. “I killed her…” Tears ran unchecked down his face. He flew toward Bri’s side on his knees.
        Trunks sprang from his bed, sheered in sweat. His sheets were soaked through.
        “It was a dream…Thank Kami…Just a dream…”Trunks picked up the phone. But I have to make sure.”
        He dialed the number of Bri’s phone, praying that it wasn’t true.
It has felt so real…

        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *           
        {Ring, Ring!}
        “Huh?” Bri said groggily, her eyes half closed with sleep. She rubbed her eyes as she picked up the receiver.
        “Hey, Bri?”
        “Trunks?” Bri noticed something in his voice. “ You okay?”
        “Sorta. Why do you ask?”
        “Because it’s 2 in the morning, dude.”
“Oh…heh,heh…Sorry.” He felt like such an idiot.
        “Hey, no problem. So, what’s up, then?” She asked, yawning.
        “ I had a dream…”
        “Oh? Tell me about it. There’s no school tomorrow, so I can sleep in.”
        “ Okay, here’s the story…” Trunks told her about his dream, forgetting about some of the gruesome details.
        “Shheeesh…” Bri breathed.
        “ You’re not…uh… mad at me, are you?” Trunks asked nervously.
        “Of course not. It’s just a dream. Don’t worry about it. Go back to sleep liddle dude.” She said comfortingly.
        “Thanks, Bri.”
        “No problem. Talk to you in the morning, okay?”
        “Okay, Bye!” Trunks smiled. “You’re the best!”
        “Thanks, Trunks.” She said, embarrassed. “Bye.”
        Bri hung up the phone worriedly. Poor Trunks.

        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *       
        Trunks lay back in bed, content and very tired. Soon, his heavy eyelids fell and he fell asleep.
        Vegeta stared into the darkness, heavily chained to a cold, stone rock, which was carved into the shape of a chair.
        Whoever did this is gonna pay!
        “Comfortable, Prince?”
        Vegeta’s stare grew cold in horror as a short, green humanoid figure stepped out of the shadows.
        “Babidi!” Vegeta’s hiss made Babidi smirk. “You’re supposed to be resting in pieces 6 feet under earth!”
        The short green wizard ignored the comment.
        “Humph. How dare you speak that way to your master?” Babidi grinned evilly.
        “Those days are over, Babidi! Once I get out of here you will be nothing but a crisp!” Vegeta growled, struggling in his bonds.
        Then he heard the voice.
        * Stop struggling, Vegeta. Be at ease. You are under my control now*
        “ Stay~rrr~Out of my head!” Vegeta screamed.
        “Hahahahahaha!” Babidi’s evil laughter echoed.
        “Buu here now!” A huge, pink thing bounced up behind the evil wizard.
        “ Not you too!” Vegeta was starting to feel scared.
        “ Majin Buu, I command you to destroy the bad short man.” Babidi grinned, pointing at Vegeta.
        “Buu gonna eat you up! Buu gonna eat you up!” Majin Buu did a little dance, ever step bringing him closer to the poor saiyan.
        “That’s right, Buu! Eat him up!” Babidi laughed.
        “Stay away from me, freak!” Vegeta screamed, struggling in his bonds even more.
        “ Gonna eat you up!” Buu was only a few feet away now.
        “Stay AWAY!!”
        Vegeta’s screams and curses rang and echoed among the ghost ship of Babidi.
        “Father! No! I’m coming, dad….huh?” Trunks looked around. No chair. No Buu. No Babidi. Trunks sighed in relief. What was up with these dreams?
        He was sure it wasn’t real, and he didn’t want to disturb his father, either. Vegeta got very angry when disturbed in the middle of the night. He sighed again, and rested his head among the pillows.

        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *       
        Trunks woke as the sun’s rays came into his room through the windows. He opened his eyes and saw purple eyes staring back.
       “Bri!” he said, jumping up and his face growing red with embarrassment.
       “Nice hello.” Bri said, sounding hurt. She smiled and rose an eyebrow.        “Breakfast is ready, liddle dude.”
        “Uh…Mom let you cook?” His eyes grew wide with wonder.
       “ Ms. Brief didn’t mind. She wanted to try the new recipe I just got.” Bri grinned. “It was harder persuading your dad.”
Trunks laughed as Bri imitated the short and moody saiyan.
“ I’m not eating anything that Kakarott’s spawn cooks!”
Trunks fell into fits of laughter.
       “Well, get up. It’s going to get cold.” She smiled and walked out.
       “ Okay! Be out there in a second!”
       He got dressed in a black T-shirt and long, baggy shorts. He walked into the kitchen to see Bulma and the lovely Bri chatting away as Vegeta poked at the food that lay on his plate. Trunks smiled. Ah, family! He sat down and ate everything that Bri had put on his plate, including red berry muffins.
When he was finished, he discovered that Vegeta hadn’t touched a thing.
       “What’s wrong, dad?” Trunks asked.
       Vegeta grumbled something about a diet and left, walking rather stiffly out the door.
Bulma stared worriedly at Vegeta as he walked out.
“He won’t eat a thing.” Bulma shook her head. “Maybe he IS on a diet.”
“Well, I hope you enjoy my recipe.” Bri smiled at Bulma.
“They were delicious! Can I have the recipe?”
“Sure!” Bri took a piece of paper out the back of her pocket with her tail. “Boy, that tail is very handy!”
“ Wish I had one.” Bulma nodded. Bri handed her the paper as Bulma checked her watch.
“ Uh~oh! Have to run, people!” Bulma smiled, rushing out the door. “ Don’t forget to wash the dishes!”
Trunks sighed heavily, shuffling to the sink.
“ I’ll help, dude.” Bri smiled. “ You can wash, I’ll dry.”
“Oh~man…..”Trunks groaned. Bri’s face was a sunny as ever, while Trunks dreaded to wash the dumb dishes.

*        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *       
When they were done, Bri and Trunks sat down on the couch in the den, and Trunks turned on the T.V.
The news came up.
“Super Saiyaman and the Gold Fighter have done it again.” The ugly anchor said.
“ My brother is such an airhead.” Bri sighed.
Trunks laughed. “He takes after your father.”
Then an idea came up.
“You want to see a movie, Bri?”
“Sure, why not?” Bri grinned, and as they got up, she slipped her arm into his.
“It’s a date, liddle dude.”
This is the end of chapter 1. Will Trunks suffer anymore of those dreams? Is Vegeta suffering, too? Find out in Chapter 2!

-Written By SuperSaiyanBri...... Any names are of pure coincidence. This story is original and any likeliness to any other story is of coincidence, too.

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